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5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and the crucial role they play in our lives and society as a whole—as caregivers, teachers, role models, and so much more.

If you're looking for a way to show your love and appreciation for the extraordinary moms in your life, here are 5 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas.

1. Write a love letter

If you know me and my shop, you know a handwritten love letter is always the first thing I recommend as a special gift for a loved one. Sitting down to put pen to paper and express all the things you love and appreciate about your Mom is something she will cherish for a lifetime. A love letter will make her feel seen and appreciated, and will serve as a source of comfort and encouragement whenever she needs it.

Last year I wrote my Mom a love letter for her 65th birthday. You can read it on my Celebrate Mom blog post. If you want to make your letter extra special, you can have it printed on handmade paper (and frame it too!).

If you’re reading this and your Mom has passed, I'm so sorry. I still recommend writing a love letter to her. It’s a special way to feel closer and reconnect during a day that might be extra difficult for you. Read 5 Ways to Connect to a Deceased Loved One for more ideas.

2. Give to a women’s charity

Some non-profit organizations offer beautiful Mother's Day cards that support amazing causes. For the last couple of years, I’ve been sending these types of cards to my friends and family as a donation made in their honor. This year, I bought cards from Women’s Lunch Place in Boston, MA. Each card is $25 and pays for a week of lunches for a guest.

You could also donate to a women’s shelter, local YWCA, Planned Parenthood, or another meaningful organization in honor of the women in your life.

3. Pick out a special piece of word art or poem print

This is my specialty, so I can happily recommend a few pieces of word art or poem prints that would be appropriate for Mother's Day. With my own Mom in mind, one of the first prints I made for my business was the definition of mother.

Mother's Day word art prints


New this year is this quote print with a beautiful tulip wreath painted by artist Patricia Shaw. "We are born of love; love is our mother." - Rumi

I also adore this poem from R. Clift for a new Mom. The beginning reads, "I never knew that the strongest hand that would ever take hold of mine would be the size of a pale pink rose petal—from the moment your dewy eyes opened to this world, a new kind of love blossomed in my heart—"

New kind of love R. Clift poem print


If you want to send something special to someone who has lost their mom or display something to bring yourself a little comfort, here are a few prints I recommend.

4. Commission a piece of art

If you can’t find something colorful from my collaborations with Patricia Shaw, you can commission an original watercolor from her directly. She paints beautiful home portraits, landscapes, flowers, and more. Send her an email request at

home portraits painted by Patricia Shaw

5. Gift an antique book

In my mind, an antique book is one of the most enchanting and timeless gifts you can give someone, and it's perfect if your Mom already has it all (because it's unlikely she has this!). She'll feel so charmed as you tell her you were reminded of her because of the book binding, title, or something you read inside the book.

I have many beautiful antique books for sale in my Etsy shop, or you might find something in one of your local used bookshops or antique stores.

Music in Art antique book


BONUS IDEA! Here is a photo of my Momma in the Bloom t-shirt that I sell. Isn't she so cute?

Mom wearing Bloom where you are planted t-shirt


Whether it's a heartfelt letter, a lovely piece of art, or a beautiful book, let your gesture reflect your appreciation for the extraordinary women who have shaped your life in countless ways.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With love,

Alison Rose

Social media: @alisonrosevintage



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