Poems for every occasion from Alison Rose Vintage and R. Clift Poetry

Poems for every occasion from Alison Rose Vintage and R. Clift Poetry

Have you heard of R. Clift, The Constellation Poet? She’s a well-known poet, artist, and photographer with over 80,000 Instagram followers and admirers from all over the world. Like me, she’s based in the mountains of East Tennessee and began her journey in 2017 (the same year Alison Rose Vintage was born!).

After years of thinking about how she could offer prints of her poetry, I am so thrilled that R. Clift is now working exclusively with me to design and print her words on handmade paper and cards. Our hope is that the R. Clift Poetry Collection will bring light and hope to you and your loved ones for every gift-giving occasion.

Alison Rose Vintage x R. Clift Poetry collaboration


More about R. Clift

I’ve followed R. Clift, or Rachel, for years—way before I knew I would be moving to East Tennessee near where she lives. I remember sending the poems she posted to social media to my friend Whitney almost daily because her words were so relatable.

Her words have helped me through the grief of a devastating breakup, the death of my sister, and saying goodbye to places I love. Her words have also brought me joy, hope, gratitude, and flashes of cherished memories.

Rachel is full of beauty, depth, heartache, and love. More than anything, she longs to inspire people to love who they are and live life courageously. Her mantra is, “I am always trying to reach that one person.”

She says, “I know I’m not able to save eight billion people from feeling alone, but if I can reach one person—if a word, or a poem, or an entire book reached one person and changes their own little world for the better… if I can make one person feel understood, seen, like they aren’t alone in this—then all of this is worth it.”

As you might already know, the purpose of Alison Rose Vintage is to spread love and hope. My goal has always been to make word art that’s a part of uplifting, inspiring, and comforting others. So I like to think that this collaboration with R. Clift was written in the stars, aligning our passions and dreams to bring you these words with a soul.

Poems for every occasion

A poem is an incredibly beautiful and thoughtful gift so we’re really excited to share the R. Clift Poetry Collection with you.

Rachel says, “This collaboration is born of love and of wanting to bring you something special. It has been years in the making for me, and Alison came along at the perfect time. I hope you enjoy these prints and cards—I hope you send them to loved ones and hang them in your homes and I hope they make you feel seen and understood.”

R. Clift has written a poem for nearly every occasion—a wedding day, anniversary, birthday, graduation, breakup, loss, adventure, or just because.

She wrote To have and to hold as a wedding gift for two of her friends and now it’s available for your own wedding day or as a deeply loving anniversary gift. It can be customized to include names and a date at the top as well.

Another love or anniversary poem that I adore is R. Clift’s I am yours and you are mine poem. This poem print has the cutest sketch of a couple looking up at the stars and will make the recipient feel so loved.

Wedding, anniversary, and love poems

One of the many reasons that I love R. Clift poetry is because of her self-love and women empowerment messages. Sentiments like, “I want to find a way to teach every girl who has ever dreamed of fairytales that the first person she is to fall in love with should be herself,” and her Fragile like a Daisy poem that says, “In every wild daisy that breathes from the earth—there is beauty in being fragile.”

These poems and notecards are perfect for a best friend or daughter's birthday, graduation, International Women’s Day, or just because.

Empowerment and Self-Love

Experiencing loss and grief myself, I can confidently say that there are not enough comforting sentiments out there. So it’s been important to me to make meaningful condolence gifts for my shop. R. Clift has written two beautiful poems for someone grieving, one called Angels and Grief and the other Sadness and Fireflies.

Grief and sadness

In addition to writing poetry, R. Clift is also a world traveler. She just got back from Italy and has a trip planned for Paris next summer (you can join!).

One of her published books, Until We Meet Again, is a travel memoir from her backpacking trip through Europe in 2019. It reminds me of my own study abroad and backpacking trip in 2005. I’ve been to Europe a few times since then and whenever I read R. Clift’s travel poetry, it takes me back to those miles of memories again and again. Ohhh nostalgia.

"I have this lovely idea that instead of beating, my heart spins like the needle of a compass." -R. Clift

These poem prints and cards are great to gift or send to your travel buddy or to display with your favorite travel photos.

Travel and adventure

For more gift ideas, shop the entire R. Clift Poetry Collection. You can also order a custom print or card with any poem you see on R. Clift’s social media or in one of her poetry books.

Poetry Books by R. Clift

If you’re interested in entire books of poetry, here are 5 of the amazing books that R. Clift published in the last couple of years.

R. Clift poetry books

To Feel Anything at All: This is R. Clift's debut poetry book with words and photographs woven together to make you feel all the feels.

To Be Remembered: R. Clift's 2nd book of poetry in her Evolved Poetry series with a gentle promise of healing after loss.

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder: This is the 3rd book in the series and will remind you that even in dark times, no one is ever really alone.

Until We Meet Again: A beautifully written travel memoir from when R. Clift backpacked through Europe in 2019.

Your Thoughts Deserve a Decent Place to Live: An amazing tribute to R. Clift's poetry professor, Arthur Smith, who passed away in 2018.

By shopping the R. Clift Poetry Collection, you are supporting two artists at once and we are so very grateful for you! Let us know what you think in the comments below or follow us on social media for daily word art and inspiration.

With love,

Alison Rose

Social media: @alisonrosevintage and @r.cliftpoetry


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