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2024 Word of the Year Ideas

2024 Word of the Year Ideas

Choosing a “Word of the Year” is a powerful alternative to a New Year's resolution. Instead of something that makes you feel pressure or guilt, pick a word that makes you feel more confident, grateful, adventurous, or motivated. Your word can be a subtle yet persistent reminder of your intention for the year.

To pick a word that’s right for you, consider asking yourself some reflective questions. What aspects of your life do you hope to improve or transform? How do you want to feel every day? What do you want to do more of each day?

My word for 2024 is Savor. Savor means to revel in the pleasure and depth of each connection and experience, to slow down and enjoy one's life, and to indulge.

Savor definition print on a clip frame

What will your word be? Let me give you some ideas with my own spin on the definitions to help you choose.

Words that will inspire confidence and authenticity

Authenticity can sometimes feel like a superpower because we're busy trying to please others or doing things we think we should do instead of what we want or need to do for ourselves. Positive words can do wonders for our self-esteem and the grace and understanding we give ourselves as we strive for self-love and acceptance. Here are some words that might help you with the unapologetic expression of your true self.

Authentic Grace
Believe Pride
Badass Self-love
Beautiful Shine
Goddess Thrive


Shine and thrive definition prints

Words to help you slow down and enjoy life more

If you’re feeling anything like I am, you’re looking for a word to take you out of the go-go-go mentality and just ease into each day. What word might capture the essence of a life well-lived, one that is not merely a series of hurried moments, but a mindful journey? Think about the moments that bring you peace and the activities that allow you to savor life's simple pleasures. As you read through this list of words, consider how each one might serve as a poignant reminder to slow down, appreciate the present, and be more content with where you are right now.

Balance Joy Reflection
Breathe Magic Relax
Cherish Meditate Savor
Contentment Namaste Serenity
Grateful Patience Simplify
Gratitude Pause Stillness
Happiness Present Thankful


Words for a year filled with adventure

Whether you're yearning for more travel, hitting a milestone like graduation or retirement, or simply hoping to make the most of every precious vacation day in the new year, an adventurous word can be a compass that guides you toward a year of exploration and discovery. Choose one of these words to start living a life brimming with excitement, curiosity, and the thrill of the unknown.

Adventure Journey
Dream Travel
Explore Wanderlust


Words to inspire a kinder world

With everything going on in the world, the quest for a more compassionate and kinder existence is remarkably important. Each of the words in this list carries the potential to inspire meaningful change, not only within ourselves but also in the way we interact with others and engage with the world at large. Imagine a world where these ideals guide our actions and where small gestures of kindness ripple outward.

Compassion Impact
Generosity Love
Give Peace
Kindness Volunteer


Words to provide extra strength and encouragement

When the world feels heavy or your challenges seem insurmountable, comforting words can have the power to transform uncertainty into courage, doubt into faith, and adversity into a testament of strength. As you contemplate the landscape ahead, consider how one of these words might become a source of comfort and a reminder that within you resides the capacity to endure, overcome, and emerge with newfound hope.

Brave Hope Strength
Courage Nourish Survivor
Faith Perseverance Trust
Health Resilient Warrior


Strength definition print

Words for workplace motivation

If you’re starting a new job or business or want to keep leveling up at work, pick a word that represents a goal or intention for the year and serves as a daily reminder to stay focused and motivated. Motivational word prints are also a great gift for teams, showing that you understand and support the personal growth and development of your employees. Read more about the most thoughtful employee gifts.

Collaboration Leader
Consistency Mentor
Focus Optimism
Growth Team
Inspire Teamwork


Did this blog post help you choose your word of the year? Let me know what you picked and why, I would love to share on social media!

If you don’t see your word, you can have a custom word made, or I can alter any of the definitions of my words to make it perfect for you.

I suggest framing your word and putting it on your desk or up on a bulletin board or refrigerator. You’ll have the perfect reminder of the feeling or intention that you want to keep coming back to all year long.

Happy New Year!

With love,

Alison Rose

Social media: @alisonrosevintage


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