28 Days of Love: Write a love note a day in February

28 Days of Love: Write a love note a day in February

Do you need a way to beat the winter blues like I do? Join me in my 28 Days of Love Challenge in February! The challenge is simple, yet powerful: in February, write a love note to someone different every day.

Whether it's a significant other, family member, friend, colleague, or even a stranger, the act of expressing love and gratitude will uplift our spirits and bring joy to those around us.

I've created a calendar below with a different person to write to each day, and I'll be posting reminders on social media to keep you on track. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook at @alisonrosevintage.

28 Days of Love February Calendar

Writing love notes is a wonderful way to show someone that you care. It's a small act of kindness that can make a huge impact on someone's day. Plus, it's a fantastic way to practice gratitude which is scientifically proven to increase happiness.

The point of this challenge is to express your love and appreciation for those around you, whether they are loved ones who are still with us or those who have passed away. You can even use this as an opportunity to connect with your deceased loved ones in a meaningful way.

You can write your notes on cards from my shop or just use a sheet of paper. You can get stamps at your local post office or grocery store or order them online at

If you're struggling to find the right words, just think about how the person makes you feel, something they did for you in the past, or just write compliment after compliment—it’s meant to be a love note after all.

Below are some compliments or sentiments that you can use in your love notes or come up with your own. There are cards in my shop for the ones linked.

you are good for my soul and you give me hope cards

Your love notes don’t have to be fancy or long, just genuine and heartfelt. And don’t forget to include yourself on your list of people to write a love note to. Self-love is just as important as loving others.

Please join me in the 28 Days of Love Challenge this February and invite others to join us too. Imagine the ripple effect of love and gratitude that we can create by writing a few words to a different person each day. I can't wait to see all the love you'll be sending out!

With love,

Alison Rose

Social media: @alisonrosevintage


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